Electromechanical chain-drawing bench

to shaping and compression of tubes

Chain-drawing bench ZB100/2500

This electromechanical drawing machine is used for making semi-finished products. Due to the high drawing force of at least 10 tones, it can be used to process precious metal and difficult alloys such as rose gold or palladium white gold. The large initial reduction means that a high density of metal can be achieved. The single vector technology means that wall-thickness deviations can be minimized to 0.01 mm.

The machine is manufactured in Germany in compliance with all European safety standards.

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Type ZB100/2500
Dimensions 345 x 81 x 117 cm
Weight 965 kg
Power connection 400 V; 50 Hz.
Performance 9,7 KW by 2555 rpm.
Drawing force 10 t
max. drawing length 2500 mm
Air pressure con. min. 6,0 bar
Others Torsion-resistant rack
Electric exhaust brake (wear-free)