Our product range

for the wedding ring production from tube

chain drawing benches • lathes for inside and outside turning
tube cutting machines • diamond milling machines • engraving machines
ring enlarger • punching device

Strong arguments

for the production of wedding rings from tube

The advantages

Compared to the production of sheet metal, the advantages of production from the tube are obvious. In this process, almost twice as many finished products can be produced from material used as in sheet metal production.

This is the reason why we can score well in the high precious metal prizes. In addition, the much lower acquisition costs for the machine park and significantly shorter production time speaks for itself.

Production process

The main points of the production process are the production of the tube as starting material as well as the further compaction and processing thereof. The tube is casted on a continuous casting machine, then compacted on a chain drawing bench and brought to required size.

In the further course, the rings are cut and turned manually or fully automatically on lathes. Diamond turning tools are used to achieve a perfect gloss surface. For the individual design further milling work, diamond milling and electro plating.

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